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Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Lenses

Deluxe and low-cost glasses for vision, what is the exception - a question that worries, probably, everyone who has ever faced the selection of glasses.

So what's the real difference other than price? Why is the price of eyeglasses so high? We have prepared answers with the most basic differences between low-cost and deluxe glasses.


What Is The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Eyeglass Lenses

The cheapest glasses are those that are mass-produced according to standard parameters. These products are called "ready-made glasses". They are suitable for those people who wear glasses with round diopter numbers (-1, not -2.75) and do not intend to use them often.

As a rule, the quality of such glasses is lame and it is better to consult a doctor before buying this pair of glasses. Given the fact that each person has individual characteristics that are not taken into account in such glasses, they can only harm your vision.

Cheap models sold in non-specialist stores or on trays rarely have the protection they need.

They can be stylish and look no different from branded "brothers", but at the same time, they not only do not save you from the sun but also contribute to the fact that your eyes are in double danger.

Such glasses rarely have the necessary markings and at least some characteristics, so it is often impossible to determine the presence of ultraviolet security.

Pros of costly eyeglasses in:

  • spectacle lenses of a high level, with many additional useful coatings that guarantee the ideal quality of vision, and most importantly, preserve the health and youth of the eyes;
  • and also in a comfortable, stylish frame with a trendy design.

Asking the question, "Why are glasses so costly?" and whether you need to buy pricey corrective glasses, we advise you to remember that they help each of us to notice all the shades and smallest details of the world around us, to enjoy high-quality photographs on our cool modern gadgets. This means that there is no place for saving.