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How To Choose The Right Sunglasses

Today, trends prescribe wearing glasses of various shapes - stylized as authentic retro models or, on the contrary, futuristic, reminiscent of extraterrestrial devices. There are no restrictions in style for a long time. However, it is invariably important to choose the correct shape of glasses, which harmoniously complements the geometry of the face, as well as the shade of the lenses, on which the comfort of the eyes depends. We figured out how to do this.



How to figure out what sunglasses fit your face? You don't need a stylist for this. It is enough to choose a shape by facial features, then you will be able to protect yourself from the sun, improve eyesight and attract the attention of others with a sense of style, delicate taste. Below we collect the most important aspects to how to choose perfect sunglasses

How To Select Sunglasses According To Face Shape: Basic

Both women and men want to look attractive. And since now, when creating a stylish image, it is very difficult to do without such an accessory as sunglasses, great importance is attached to their choice.

Although only certain models are suitable for each type of face, some well-known rules will help you to buy the right one.

  • Outlines that copy the form of your face are not your friend. It smooths out the wow-effect and turns it into a faceless object.
  • Highly "sitting" on the bridge of the nose visually enlarges the nose. Located in the middle of it - decrease the length of the nose.
  • Acknowledge the combination of frame colors and hair color when choosing solar eyepieces. You don't have to bother with the light-headed ones. An accessory of any color will do - silver, beige, black. Red-haired ones go with juicy shades - purple, blue, or light green colors. Silver or dark gray glasses are ideal for dark hair.
  • Check the crossbar, which is called the "bridge". This is the bridge that connects the glasses, passing along the bridge of the nose. An unsuitable accessory will draw undue attention to your nose and cause discomfort. A high bridge sitting on the bridge of the nose or even higher will lengthen the nose, the one below it will make it visually shorter.

How To Pick The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

Start the selection of a suitable frame by defining the type of your own face. To do this, you need to stand in front of a large mirror at a distance of about a meter, remove hair from your face and look at yourself very carefully. You need to pay attention to the length of the face, width, shape of the forehead, chin, and hairline.

For square-shaped features, rounded frames will do. If you choose a model of glasses that has clear angles, then the geometry of the face will be emphasized, which will make the chin look heavier and the cheekbones more massive.

With a round face, choose glasses that have rectangular shapes. Too large frames that hide half of the face should be avoided. An important nuance: make sure that the chosen frame does not cover the eyebrows.

How to choose the right sunglasses for your face shape: Heart-shaped

A distinctive characteristic is a narrow chin and prominent cheekbones, so the "cat's eye" and "butterflies" will emphasize them advantageously. The ideal solution is frames of complex geometric shapes, polygonal or with a broken eyepiece line.

The owners of the oval face are in luck, as they have the opportunity to choose and experiment with any shape of glasses. We recommend taking a closer look at the main trends of summer: a rounded frame, slightly widening upward, or "chanterelles" (a narrow version of the "cat's eye").

How To Pick The Right Sunglasses Frame For Your Face: 3 Life Hacks

  • The larger the face, the thicker and more massive it is to choose a frame so that against the background of a thin frame, the face does not acquire comical proportions. And on a face with thin, small features, large glasses will look ridiculous.
  • The glasses should be in size for you, in proportion to your body. The frame should not be larger than the widest part of the face (except for the diamond-shaped face), but it should not be much smaller than it.
  • Narrow glasses will not fit a round, square or pointed face. This model creates a horizontal line that accentuates the widest part of the face. Although they are at the peak of their popularity.