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How To Pick The Right Glasses Frame For Your Face

Picking a frame for glasses is a very serious matter. And the complexity lies not only in the aesthetic component. Purchasing the wrong pair can cause constant discomfort, dizziness, and headaches.


Women's frames are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Looking through the range of frames in optics, or the catalog of an online store, you can easily get lost among the offered variety.

How to find glasses that fit your face? This is a tricky question, but this task can be dealt with.

To choose an ideal product, you need to take into account these nuances:

  • Face width parameter. This value plays a key role in the sizing process for an eye accessory;
  • Face type. Depending on it, the shape of the frame is selected;
  • Category of glasses - regular corrective type, or sunglasses.
  • In addition, any professional ophthalmologist believes that lens type needs to be considered. They can be spherical or aspherical. Let's consider each item separately.

In our online store, there are various types of frames, glasses, and lenses. If necessary, we can select glasses for you based on your wishes and preferences.

How To Pick Glasses Frames: Basics

Rim for everyday use must meet the following requirements:

  • Material type. Metallic or titanium parts are the most durable. They will last for decades, despite glass changes. For lovers of modern fashion, plastic products are suitable, for fans of retro style - a horn frame;
  • The weight. It is best to select lightweight models. They are comfortable in daily wear and long-term work with documentation or at a laptop;
  • Volume. When choosing glasses for vision, you should focus on models that do not block the view. For people suffering from age-related myopia, it is better to opt for bifocal or progressive lenses.
  • In addition, when choosing a frame, you need to take into account your color type. Provided that "warm" shades predominate in appearance, brown, red and orange are well suited. For the owners of "cold" color types are required: blue, pink, and gray. An option that is universal for everyone - black and gray.

Still, if you don't know how to pick the right frames for your face, you can contact our managers - they gladly assist you.

Selecting The Case Color According To Your Color Type

To make it easier to determine your "color type", you need to understand a few basic rules:

  • Each person belongs to either the cold (blue) or warm (yellow) range of colors.
  • Anyone looks the most attractive in clothing and accessories of their range.
  • The frames or sunglasses must also match the color type.

It is also useful to know that the main factors that determine the color type include the color of the skin, eyes, and hair.

Cold-color type people tend to have a bluish or light pink tint to their skin. Who has a "warm" color type - skin has "peach" or "cream" color. 

"Olive" skin belongs to the cold range because it is an optical mixture of blue and yellow.

How to know which is the right glasses for your face based on the color type? For a cold color type of people - black, silver, pinkish brown, gray-blue, purple, pink, light blue, jade, or dark amber are the best.

For warm-color types, yellow, khaki, gold, copper, peach, orange, coral, bright red, and deep blue are suitable.

If you have any difficulties with how to choose frames for your face, you can contact our professional specialists. They have many years of experience and will quickly find the right model.

How To Find The Right Glasses For Your Face

If you want to choose glasses according to all the laws of style, emphasize the benefits of appearance, and successfully hide flaws, then choose glasses that are suitable for the shape of your face. The owners of the oval face are lucky - there are practically no restrictions for them. Any frame will look beautiful.

The circle shape of the accessory is suitable for a square face. Smooth lines visually smooth out the angularity, add softness. Good options are offered by Marius Morel, Polo Ralph Lauren. But we suggest framing a round face in oblong or square frames, such as, for example, Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer or Prada.

Round thin frames, without a noticeable frame, with an emphasis on the upper part - graceful and weightless, will harmoniously look on the face of a triangular shape. In this case, Dolce & Gabbana and Silhouette Starways models will be ideal.

Well, here's the main secrets revealed. It remains to decide on the color and style of frames. Here, as they say, everyone has their taste and vision of beauty. Calm classics or dynamic sports, sophisticated retro or modern fashion - be guided by your feelings and mood.

And our last tip of how to choose the right glasses for your face is to have several different frames in your arsenal. Change images, be unpredictable and original, create your image. Beautiful, high-quality, comfortable eyeglass frames will help in this.