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How To Prevent Eyeglasses From Fogging

Glasses can fog up on the street in frosty weather when entering a warm room from frost or in humid weather outside - all owners of not very good vision probably faced such a problem. Condensation formed on the lenses causes uncomfortable sensations in a person and does not allow him to see the world around him well.

Why does condensation appear on the glasses and how do I protect my glasses from fogging up? Let's find out!


How Do You Keep Your Eyeglasses From Fogging Up

Previously, the problem with fogging glasses concerned only doctors and some categories of people, but now this question has arisen before the majority. Considering the pandemic and recommendations for wearing a mask.

Share with you the life hacks that we use on a daily-basis:

  • hair shampoo - it should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1, moisten a soft fabric in the solution and wipe the lenses with it, then clean them dry;
  • glycerin - the agent should be warmed to room temperature, then applied to both sides of the glasses with a cloth and rubbed thoroughly, allowed to dry and wiped with a dry cloth;
  • liquid soap - it must also be warmed up to room temperature, then the lenses can be treated, after which they must be wiped dry with a cloth;
  • with toothpaste - apply a small amount of the paste on the glass, grind it, then wipe it dry with a cloth, making sure that no streaks form.

Some glasses are already sold with a special anti-fog layer. Even in this case, over time, this feature is lost, so you have to think again about how to make the glasses not fog up. If there is no desire to worry about then you can purchase special goods designed for glasses and buy them in optical salons or sports stores. These products come in the form of sprays or wet wipes - with their help, you can simply treat the lenses of your glasses, after which you need to let them dry.

Use a lint-free soft cloth to wipe the glasses. A flannel or suede rag, or microfiber cloths are ideal. They will not leave lint and streaks on the glass surface.

Remember, even if your glasses do not fog up, only use special sprays to clean them. We adore people with glasses and do everything to make you feel a little happier in any weather!