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What to choose: glasses or contact lenses

Do you work at the computer on and on? You got a blur effect like you’re playing some racing games and you often feel pain in your eyes? Depending on your will you got 2 ways to solve this problem. The first one – you’ll have a laser vision correction. It’s the most efficient way to solve such kind of vision troubles. Such kind of curing usually takes place when doctors have a tiresome case with patient's vision. But what to do if you’re afraid of this way of curing and your case isn’t so bad? Now you’ll see the second way to get back on your vision. It’s an offer you can’t refuse. You shall make a choice between glasses or contact lenses. So, if you made your choice to the second way – you’re not a coward, it’s ok, it means you don’t want to mess with a curing stuff and a rehabilitation, or you haven’t got a possibility for it. You can also choose this way to delay a vision surgery.

 glasses and lenses

Probably, your friends have some vision problems and some of them use contact lenses and others use glasses. And you’re wondering now: glasses or contact lenses – which to choose?

First of all, you shall visit an oculist and find the way to solve your problem. Let’s imagine the case when your doctor said that from now on you have to wear glasses, but you don’t want to. Now you’ll see some examples why glasses are better than contact lenses:

  • Glasses help to stop vision deterioration
  • Glasses are easy to use
  • Glasses can be used at inflammatory eye disease
  • Glasses won’t provoke an eye infection due to eye contact with a lens
  • Glasses are durable

There are a lot of advantages of glasses comparing to lenses but now you have read the main reasons why you should prefer glasses to lenses.


But what about disadvantages of glasses?

  • Glasses will change your look (but you can make them as a part of your style, like Tony Stark’s E. D. I. T. H.)
  • With glasses you can get some restrictions on certain types of activities and professions
  • You can feel some discomfort when worn outdoors (fogging, freezing)
  • And the main disadvantage: it’s difficult to fit the glasses when the difference in visual acuity is more than 2 diopters


But in the face of these disadvantages when you’ll be left on choosing glasses or lenses, you have to choose glasses because their advantages much more significant then disadvantages.