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Why Do I Need A Case For Glasses

When you buy yourself good glasses, you are naturally interested in making them last as long as possible. Both fragile glass and durable plastic in lenses, if handled carelessly, carried in pockets or handbags, will eventually become scratched and cloudy.

Using a case for glasses will keep the glasses from being damaged, which means they will extend their service life. Finding the right case for your favorite glasses is not an easy task.

Glasses cases are divided into 3 groups:

  • Hard. Frame products are made from hard materials for maximum protection. An excellent option for those who often have to travel on business trips and for lovers of an active lifestyle.
  • Soft. They are also called covers. The soft material will not scratch the lenses, but will not provide acceptable protection under mechanical stress. Good soft cases should have a built-in strap for securing glasses.
  • Combined. They combine the effects of previous models - they have a rigid frame and soft skin.

Our online store offers an incredibly rich and versatile range of eyeglass cases and frames. Everyone can choose a model according to their taste and budget.

How To Choose A Case For Glasses

First, pay attention to the type of case: sunglasses cases are usually larger, while eyewear fits in narrower models.


Secondly, be sure to try on the glasses in the case: be sure to put the glasses inside and close the lid, the frame should be securely fixed, but not prevent the case from closing.

Third, pay attention to the clasp. Cases are available with zippers, Velcro, buttons, magnets, or a flip-top. Look at several options and choose the most comfortable for you, it should be easy for you to open and close the case.

And last but not least, the appearance of the case. Agree, it's nice to use just a beautiful accessory chosen to your taste. You can find a variety of materials (plastic, leather or leatherette, textiles, suede, wood), shapes (pencil case, envelope, butterfly), shades (classic and bright colors, prints, decorated inserts). You can view the range of glasses cases in our catalog in our catalog