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Why do you need blue light glasses?

The eyes of millions of people today are riveted to the screens of computers and various gadgets for several hours a day - such a mode of operation is dictated by modern life.

Given this fact, you need to take care of your eyes. For these purposes, manufacturers of the optical industry have prepared glasses with blue lenses, which neutralize harmful radiation from devices.


How To Choose Glasses For A Computer

Due to the special protective coating, you can easily work at a computer. How such coating works:


  • Blocking harmful rays of the blue and violet spectrum;
  • Elimination of glare on the monitor;
  • Reduced flicker;
  • Improving the quality and contrast of the image.

So, how to choose computer glasses? 


The most important thing is the lenses. The level of safety and protective properties of glasses for a computer will depend on their quality.

Before choosing, be sure to check if the lenses have guarding coatings:

  • Anti-glare to decrease reflected brightness and glare.
  • Antistatic repels fine dust particles and prevents computer glasses from getting dirty.
  • Metallized (EMI-coating) that blocks electromagnetic radiation.
  • Blue Block filter that blocks blue and purple rays from the monitor screen.

The tone of the lenses can be chosen differently - completely transparent, yellow or green. This does not affect the guarding qualities.


The frame should be comfortable, lightweight, and not create discomfort. The frame model should be chosen such that the light openings are large enough to provide a good view.

Don't skimp on eye health and choose high-quality items. Only then will they be able to provide the necessary protection, and working at the computer will become comfortable and safe for you.